Why Goal Setting?

GoalAreasInstead of just “Why Goal Setting”, it might be better said, “Why be conscious about what you want out of the next 3-5 years?”  The truth is you’re moving.  You are always in motion.  You’re going somewhere….known to you or not.  It may be a corporate agenda from your work, a city plan from politicians, a family path, a financial disaster or a dozen other agendas that have you in motion.  But the moment you become conscious and take responsibility for where life’s motion is taking you, setting goals put you in charge!  Written goal setting lets YOU grab the steering wheel so you have a choice in where and when you arrive.

Goals are the carefully constructed road maps that lead us to the future.  They are the written concrete sculptures of our hopes and dreams.  Written goals are the purchased tickets that permit us to board the ship that will carry us to far away destinations.


  • Ongoing – it’s something you are working on constantly; part of your daily agenda and mindset
  • Pursuit – meaning goals don’t fall into your lap: you exert energy going after them
  • Worthy Objective – you goal must outweigh the cost of the pursuit
  • Until Accomplished – marks a determined effort toward a specific destination / accomplishment


5 Years from today

It is 5 years from today!  Imagine the news crew from CNN driving up with vans, satellite dishes, cameras and reporters!  The place is buzzing with excitement!  You’ve just broken a major threshold in your business!  The reporters are coming to do a 6:00 news story on you!

  • Where have you arrived?
  • Why are they coming to interview you?
  • What are they going to say about you?
  • What accomplishments are you going to brag about?
  • Describe this destination in detail.


6 Things written Goal Setting will do for you  

1. Help you concentrate your efforts

Efforts use up those limited units of energy we get each day to spend on life.  Once you identify goals that are attached to you passions… you now have a way to concentrate those energy effort units on where you want to go!  You now have a FOCUS so you can save them up, bundle hours and energy and imagination toward a specific goal.

2. Help you become enthusiastic

It’s amazing how excited we get once we decide on a destination.  Plan a trip to Disneyworld with your kids. See how excited and enthusiastic they get as they unfold all the adventure possibilities!  There will be Disney characters, rides, attractions, buildings, souvenirs, breakfasts, lunches and events with all the Disney Characters!  So… where is your dream vacation or goal?  What would get you excited?

3. Help you develop self-confidence

How does it make you feel when you set a goal… and you achieve it?  It validates your abilities, tenacity and determination toward a worthy objective until it’s accomplished.  ALL goals face “objections”.  Overcoming objections reinforces self-confidence….which in turn prepares you for overcoming larger objections.

4. Help you make decisions quickly

Having unusual clarity about where you want to spend your energy units helps you make decisions quickly. When you are clear about what you are saying YES to, no is easy to say!

YES… I want to spend my time on a new certification.   NO I’m not going to the movies.

YES…Lead generation has a direct impact on my income.  NO I’m not surfing the web.

YES…My personal appearance opens doors for me.  NO I’m not stopping for fast food.

5. Help you recognize opportunities

It’s amazing how your eyes start to recognize the other pieces of the puzzle once you choose a specific goal.  Opportunities that have been laying at your feet suddenly jump up into your awareness because you have defined your goals.  Now that you have decided to expand your office, you notice a “For Lease” sign in the strip mall you pass every day!  Once you decided to hire a processor, your ears perk up when one of your associates says his friend is looking for a position with those skills.

6. Help you overcome defeat and road-blocks

Life is a “hurdle race!”  It’s not a 100 yard dash nor is it always a straight path.  Hurdles and distractions can show up many times a day, week or month to knock you off course and bring discouragement.  Setting long-range goals puts those hurdles back into perspective.  It gives your mental eyes a focus point far enough out in the future that you are not so easily affected by minor disappointments.  Think of it this way: When a college student has several homework assignments and tests during a semester of studies, his average isn’t so severely affected by one or two bad grades.  But if all he has is one class project and a term paper, he has to do great on both of those.  Long-term goals help you because it keeps your eyes on the big picture and not the small bumps along the way!

Why goals?  Because they put you in charge of the pursuit of a worthy objective that has significant impact on your life and choices!

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Scott Carley

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