Turn On Your Referral Prospect Magnet


“Before working with Scott, I would ask to work with anybody who wanted a home loan with no real defined niche. Scott helped me define my niche and improve my elevator speeches, allowing me to build my business to a very productive and profitable first quarter. For assistance with defining your goals, finding your niche or managing your time, Scott is my go-to person.” -Austen Smith, IBC Mortgage

“This class makes me money!” JW Ware, American Note Warehouse

NICHE Referral is about connecting with your target market referral prospecting partners!

Who Needs a NICHE Referral Certification?

Sales Managers, Realtors, Financial Advisers, Sales Teams, Independent Outside-Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners… and Introverts!

What will it do for my business?         Test Your Networking Proficiency

Word of mouth referrals close business 86% faster than any other form of advertising.  Take your mid-level and top producers from “good” to “great!”  Enroll them in NICHE Referrals local or national referral certification program created by Growth Dynamic’s master networker / prospector, Scott Carley. The matrix of requirements and accountability in this program will help your team discover new skills and sharpen existing ones. Participants will learn how to build long-term referral relationships, create win-win strategic alliances, cultivate a professional circle of influence, multiply your revenue exponentially through shared business opportunities, and mine specific target markets.

nichepin Certified NICHE Referral Curriculum

Certification include:

  • The Attracting Power of Specialization – Defining Your NICHE
  • BizMatch – Defining Your Target Market
  • Five Must-Have Networking Tools
  • 60 Second Sizzle – An Indisputable Head-Turning Introduction
  • Commanding Your Daily Routine – 10 Keys to Time Management
  • Networking EXPOSURE Goals
  • Am I Networking In the Right Place?
  • The Priority Policeman – Time Blocking Your Week
  • Networking an Event: An 8 Point Check List
  • Speed the Trust of Referral Relationships: Effective One-to-Ones
  • Connecting At ANY Event: How to Ace 11 Networking Situations
  • Trigger Points that Unlock Your Strategic Alliance

How do we deliver this priceless training? Let us count the ways…

ONLINE Academy

LOCAL Training Option

  1. Bi-Weekly meetings (2 hour sessions over a 3/6 month semester)
  2. Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  3. Reading assignments and conference calls
  4. Interactive networking
  5. Memorized presentations
  6. Real-life construction of a working strategic alliance
  7. Development of tier-one, tier-two and tier-three referral relationships
  8. Supervised weekly networking

NATIONAL Training options

  1. 1/2, 1 or 2 Day Workshop onsite (14 modules)
  2. Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  3. Unlimited 6 month access to online audio training
  4. Introduction to a local BNI Chapter
  5. Reading assignments and Pod-cast
  6. Interactive networking assignments
  7. Networking exposure goal accountability

One on One individual Coaching

  1. Weekly or bi-Weekly 60 minute teleconference
  2. Tag-in accountability calls
  3. Unlimited 6 month access to online audio training
  4. Introduction to a local BNI Chapter
  5. Reading assignments and Pod-cast
  6. Networking exposure goal accountability

Go for one of two levels of certification: Referral Master (Level1) or Notable Networker (Level 2). Either level can take participants’ skills to new heights!

Ready to turn your business “up to 11?” Then contact Growth Dynamic today for details and group pricing. Let our skilled trainers help you find your NICHE and mine it for all it’s worth!