Major Breakthrough Wanted! Goals

“I need a major breakthrough!”

I hear that a lot… especially this time of the year.  People are reflecting and often they are not feeling confident about last year! Maybe that’s what the voice inside your head is saying too!  Nagging at you for some significant “something” that you can point to as your “breakthrough” moment in time!  It’s all about your goals.

So let’s do it!  Why not get something specific and monumental on the books that would be a breakthrough for your life, your career or your family!

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First: What would a major breakthrough look like?

That sounds funny doesn’t it?  But the truth is most people have a very difficult time describing in concrete details what a major breakthrough would look like.  It’s often vague, described in generic terms with little detail.  Like… I want to make a lot of money this year; or I want a promotion on my job; or I want my business to just soar!  All those sound good, but they aren’t destinations you can celebrate. They don’t have a specific arrival point! $100K income and a $50K sales bonus does! Getting your Real Estate CNE designation does!  Getting your NSA Membership is a destination.  It’s all about your goals!

Second: What areas of your life need a MAJOR Breakthrough?

The answer to that isn’t… “every area of my life!”  I use 9 categories to help bring focus to some of the specific nerves that drive that craving to have a breakthrough.

  1. Financial
  2. Domestic
  3. Physical
  4. Mental
  5. Relational
  6. Recreational
  7. Volunteering
  8. Spiritual
  9. Career

Looking over the list, you will discover you only have that craving in a few areas of your life.  And even more important, when you get that breakthrough in one area, it may bring real peace to many others.  For instance, losing 30 lbs as a Physical breakthrough could have a huge impact on 4 or 5 other areas of your happiness!  So now, losing those 30 lbs has even more benefit!  Getting a promotion or professional certification could significantly increase your available discretionary spending.  That could also affect several areas of your life! It’s all about your goals. Write them out.

90 Day Wonder Coaching information

Third: WHY do you need a MAJOR Breakthrough?

That question needs a rock solid answer.  It needs to be tied to something concrete and of high value. Health, Family, Retirement, Marriage, Children or Career Opportunities.  All major breakthroughs come with challenges that test your stamina, determination and conviction. Your load-limits will be redefined.  Your motivation will be strained.  That’s why it’s called a “breakthrough!”  WHY do you want this thing and WHAT is it going to do for you!  Answer that! Write it down!

Fourth: WHO is taking the journey with you?

Solo breakthroughs almost NEVER happen. There is a reason the “buddy system” is so popular.  People run together, join marathons together, partner in a business venture, remodel a home together, join a weight-loss program with their friends etc. Professionally you get put on a team, set up with a partner or you hire a coach.  Nobody ever climbed Mt. Everest by themselves.  Get over it and get a buddy!

Melissa called me bubbling with excitement and wanted to set an appointment as soon as I could meet.  The next week at Great Hill’s Starbucks in Austin she started pouring out her vision. Work was blah and she needed a MAJOR Breakthrough for her ‘life in general.” Melissa wanted to start an all women’s “fun club” with new and exciting monthly activities and adventures.  Everything from glass blowing to skydiving to skeet shooting and dancing!  WOW…she wanted to create a club where like minded girls could come together and do things they would never do by themselves.  “Scott… help me make this happen!”

It was really a challenge to get Melissa to put things on paper, line up people to help her and hold vendors accountable. For weeks into a few months, we met and planned and coached and dreamed.  Sometimes Melissa would become so frustrated she would think of tossing the whole thing down the drain! But we set a deadline for her first event.  She planned and pushed and spent and emailed and cried….but when the doors opened and all those RSVP’s started showing up, her MAJOR Breakthrough had become a reality.  Venture Girls wasn’t just a dream, now it was happening right before her eyes!

What is your MAJOR Breakthrough going to look like?  I’d like to help you with that!

Contact me if you would like to arrange your own:

Happy New Year

Scott Carley

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