Goals: Going Nowhere or Going Somewhere in 2017?

I took a good friend home last week to an address off  Northwest Hills in Austin.  It was late at night and we were talking all the way over to their house.  After I dropped them off, it dawned wazeon me, “I don’t have a clue about how to get out of this neighborhood and back home.”  Waze came to my rescue.  Once my home address was loaded, it gave me step by step left and right turns to get back on Mopac and headed home.  I was lost!  There were lot’s of streets…. but just driving didn’t get me out.  Waze asked me for a destination; a goal.  And immediately it charted a course to get me back on track.

Forecasting 2017

Are you going nowhere in 2017?  I mean if you don’t have a destination, professionally, you’re just driving around.  You can put a lot of miles on your life and never get out of town!  Driving or being in motion isn’t the goal; Getting somewhere is!

Forecasting your 2017 starts with giving your Waze (my choice of driving apps) a destination.  And then letting the tools of mapping an action plan guide you.  With Waze, it will even tell your estimated time of arrival.

9 Hot-Spot Destinations

  1. Professional – Certifications, quotas, expansions or new target market
  2. Domestic – Spouse, kids or home life
  3. Financial – Retiring debt, spending, savings or investments
  4. Physical – Health, fitness or weight loss
  5. Mental – Reading habits, memory or mental exercises
  6. Recreational – FUN, sports, dancing, hunting etc
  7. Relational – Interaction with peers, mentors and power partners
  8. Spiritual – Meditation or your relationship with God.
  9. Volunteering – Giving your time and talents back to the community

FYI: You need all 9 these, jut not in equal measure.  A little bit goes a long way for some of those.  Domestically, calling my dad once a month is less than a 10 minute conversation.  But it pays off in big dividends!

Use my WKLifeBalance form and plan some destination goals right now.  Set 1 or 2 goals for each category.  You will be amazed at what happens internally simply because you thought it out and wrote those on paper!  Once you get accustomed to 90 day goals, we can start talking about 2 and 5 year goals!

Waze…. take me to a six figure contract!    Scott….Help me with my 5 year goals!

Scott Carley

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