Certified Referral Networker – Resume Upgrade

nichepinWhat would it look like to have Certified NICHE Networker on your resume?

Word of mouth referrals close business 86% faster than any other form of advertizing.  The matrix of requirements and accountability in this program will help a team discover new skills and sharpen existing ones. Participants learn how to build long-term referral relationships, create win-win strategic alliances, cultivate a professional circle of influence, multiply their revenue exponentially through shared business opportunities, and mine specific target markets.

Your Resume will Stand Out

  • Distinguishes you as a Certified, skilled connector
  • Sales managers pay more for experienced networkers
  • Your “Elevator Pitch” will turn every head in the room

Networking Proficiency Test

Getting professional training on how to develop long term referral relationships can double and triple referrals.  If you depend on networking connections to bring you high quality leads and business, contact us for classes or coaching.  DETAILS

Scott Carley

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