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10 Key Book CoverProductivity – Focus on What Matters

“Thank you so much for helping me get command of my business routine! After the 1st lesson, I finished my ‘to do list’ on Friday for the first time in over 6 months! I look forward to what else you have in store for me!”  –Kim Wendland, TruePresence

“I hired Scott to get me out of the sewer and back to the basics. I needed help with Time Management BECAUSE TIME IS FREAKING MONEY AND I WANT TO GO TO DUBLIN! He helped me focus on what I need to be doing to achieve my goals… simple simple stuff. He’s really good and educating me and helping me understand WHY he wants me to do what he does. Last week we actually started a transition from Time Management to Niche Networking and Referrals. I’m excited! ” Warren Amyett

What would 90 days of priority coaching look like?

“We as a firm have found the sessions to be a great way for our small office to align our efforts and develop a team approach to squeezing the most productivity out of each day.”  –Phillip Johnson-Scalco Johnson Leahy & Dudek CPAs, PLLC

“Things May Come to Those Who Wait — but Only What’s Left Behind by Those Who Hustle!” Scott Carley

Ever feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day to get your work done and still enjoy a rewarding life? Wrong! Everyone gets the same 24 hours — the question is, how can you use yours more productively?

Commanding Your Weekly Routine, a special curriculum designed by Growth Dynamic founder Scott Carley, aims to put you back behind the driver’s seat of your own life. You’ll learn how to prioritize, time block, stamp out distractions, set and achieve goals, and even work ahead of schedule instead of playing catch-up. You and your business team will discover that you really DO have all the time you need — and then some!

Time Management Tips | commanding your daily routine

Full Day Curriculum – Workshop Modules Include:

1. “Commanding Your Daily Routine” = 10 Keys to Time Management
If you don’t have a quick list of good time management habits….
You will learn the 10 Keys that put YOU in control of your schedule.

2. “Unusual Clarity” – Defining Ascending Professional & Personal Responsibilities
If you are confused about what needs your attention the most so you can reach your goals…
You will learn the ascending levels of income producing priorities with exceptional clarity.

3. “Focus on What Matters” – Categorized Task List
If your task list is way too long and rarely completed…
You will learn to how to identify and compose a categorized action plan

4. “Arresting Time Thieves” – Getting control of your Distractions
If you are scattered, unfocused and pushed around by everyone else’s emergencies
You will learn HOW to say NO so you can say YES to your priorities

5.  “OnStar…Take me to the Eiffel Tower”- Big Project Goal Setting
If you are disuaded by the enormity of new, big direction and projects…
You will learn the step by step process of turning big dreams into reality

6. “Mapping  Your Monthly Success” – Seting Monthly SMART Goals
If you are wondering through your weeks and month without direction…
You will learn to set specific, categorized goals and set an action plan

7. “The Majic Mind-Set”- Working Ahead of Schedule
Do you always feel behind and wait until the last minute in a panic
You will learn to live in the second time quadrant of not pressing but necessary

8. “The Priority Policeman” – Time Blocking Your Week
Is your day a reaction to what’s screaming the loudest with no plan
You will learn to set color coded time blocks to distribute your workload

9. “Command Re-Start” – Getting Your Day Back on Track Quickly
If your week and day have been blown completely off course…
You will use 7 questions to regain command of your time

Student study guides and worksheets are provided. Simply choose your preferred presentation format:

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