Motivational Speaking

“High energy combined with concrete tactics”

If you’d like an experienced dynamic keynote speaker to turn your next event into something truly special, then you need to engage Scott Carley. Scott’s dynamic, entertaining, no-nonsense presentations will have your event participants buzzing with newimage2 ideas and setting goals for increased productivity, new marketing initiatives and more effective teamwork.  Keynote speaking is Scott’s specialty!  VIDEO – Watch Scott in action!

What clients like about Scott

Thank you for speaking at TTIA’s Travel and Tourism College again this year!  Once again, your presentation on FOCUS on What Matters was one of the highest rated classes on session format, content relevance, applicability and audience engagement.  They felt you were an outstanding presenter, very knowledgeable about how to manage time and had answers to any questions that came up on how to handle various situations.  You were great in engaging the audience and the interactive exercise was an excellent way for them to learn.   Jennifer Roush – Senior Director of Operations TTIA

TOPICS includes:

  • The Leap of a Lifetime – Taking that Single Monumental Irreversible Jump to Significance
    • You have a dream that is bigger than life and Scott will help you seize your faith, chart a course and turn it into a reality! You will learn how to put that dream on paper, map out a simple 5 step strategy punctuated by your Leap of Faith! Ready, Set, LEAP
    • You’ve had a Martha Steward size hiccup and dreaming again doesn’t seem to be in your picture… Scott will get you fantasizing about your future again!
    • Inspirational combined with B.H.A.G. Breakout
  • Broken Trust & Fractured Teams – 5 Actions to Remarkable Teamwork
    • When trust is fractured, the flow of productivity crumbles, the atmosphere is tense and the return is marginal.  But when trust is remarkable, the flow of productivity is quick, the atmosphere is vivacious and the return is extraordinary!  Scott demonstrates 5 Actions and 14 Trust Accelerators team members can use to repair fractured trust and restore confidence among one another!
    • Inspirational with 3 hour breakout available
    • Retreat Topic
  • FOCUS on What Matters – Wrong Hat for the Right Role
    • When you are clear about what you are saying YES to, NO is easy!  Get more done and feel good about it!  Learn how to always place yourself in the driver’s seat of your professional and personal life, including how to prioritize, time block and stamp out distractions. And walk away with real-world work-life balance solutions while discovering the top six time thieves and how to arrest them.
    • Retreat and Breakout Sessions
  • Networking for Introverts – Get INSTANT Confidence and Connections
    • 5 out of 7 professionals are situational introverts…. and dread having to attend anything that smacks of networking.  Scott’s presentation gives 5 powerful and simple tools that every introvert can use to make them a networking pro.  This is one of his most popular presentations!
    • Inspirational with 3 hour breakout available
  • Your Professional Bucket List – Where Do You Want To Be In Five Years
    • Scott will take your Executive Team through the next 5 years professionally and personally. Transitions, implementations, launches and facility additions are common 5-year objectives. He will explain the 5 types of goals, work-life balance priorities and how to create a long / short range action plan to methodically move toward the target year by year, quarter by quarter, month by month. He keeps goals specific and measurable.
    • Retreat 6 Hour Breakout Session / Combined with Leap of a Life Time.

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