Realtors: Specialize and Block Time

Realtors must be all things to all people. You’re showing homes, crafting offers and counter-offers, dealing with paperwork, and making sure your client enjoys a satisfactory closing — all while trying to grow or maintain your business. It’s no wonder you never seem to have enough hours in the day. The truth, though, is that everyone has exactly the same number of hours; it’s what you do with them that enables that perfect mix of professional success and a fulfilling personal life. And how can you be sure that you’re getting in front of the right people with the right message to bring in new business? That’s a matter of finding your niche and leveraging your network. How do you develop the skills you need to make all these positive turnarounds? With the aid of expert help — from the experts at Growth Dynamic.

Have you learned how to Define Your Specialization?

Calendar Time Blocking

Calendar Time Blocking

Just as your expertise helps home buyers and sellers take advantage of tips and techniques they’d never have found on their own, Growth Dynamic’s expertise can help you discover and use new tools for creating the real estate business you want. You’ll learn how to set and fulfill goals and time-block your week through Commanding Your Daily Routine. You’ll figure out who your precise target market is and how to sell your services to them through the time-honored practice of relationship building via NICHE Referrals. So contact us today and get real about your real estate business!

MCE Real Estate Courses (Texas) from Growth Dynamic

  1. Arresting Time Thieves – Getting Control of Your Distractions – 1 hour MCE
  2. Become a Referral Magnet – Define Your Specialization – 2 hour MCE
  3. Five Must-Have Networking Tools – 2 hour MCE

One on One individual Coaching

  1. Weekly or bi-Weekly 60 minute call
  2. Tag-in accountability calls
  3. Unlimited 6 month access to online audio training
  4. Introduction to a local BNI Chapter
  5. Reading assignments and Pod-cast

Ready to turn your Real Estate business “up to 11?” Then contact Growth Dynamic today for details and group pricing. Let our skilled trainers help you find your NICHE, get Command of Your Routine and mine it for all it’s worth!