What clients like about Scott…

Working with Scott Carley has been a game-changer! I am a Senior Manager of Special Events for a nonprofit organization in Virginia.  My primary responsibilities are fundraising and volunteer management.  Our department recruits volunteers, host signature events and manage more than 30 walks across the country to raise awareness and vital funds for research.  I needed help to prioritize and manage my time and responsibilities that had grown, so my company contacted Growth Dynamic Consulting LLC.

I elected one-on-one coaching and it was the best decision I made all year!  Scott Carly’s one-on-one coaching services were very professional, strategic and focus-driven, I felt extremely supported throughout our coaching sessions and was able to utilize his management tools and lessons immediately.  I feel empowered and energized in my leadership skills because of my coaching sessions, I highly recommend their services to anyone, no matter your level of management or career path.  It’s more than just a consultant hired to help you organize your daily routine. He is an expert that isolates and targets both your strengths and weaknesses to ensure your vision is unleashed in an impactful and strategic way that benefits both your company and your personal life.  I can’t thank him enough for all his time and leadership. Gail Saunders – Senior Manager at Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance

Thank you for speaking at TTIA’s Travel and Tourism College again this year!  Once again, your presentation on FOCUS on What Matters was one of the highest rated classes on session format, content relevance, applicability and audience engagement.  They felt you were an outstanding presenter, very knowledgeable about how to manage time and had answers to any questions that came up on how to handle various situations.  You were great in engaging the audience and the interactive exercise was an excellent way for them to learn.  Jennifer Roush – Senior Director of Operations TTIA

This month Scott Carley was our VISTAGE speaker on a topic of great interest as expressed by each of my CE members. How can they manage their time better and be more productive?  “Focus on What Matters – Getting control of your distractions” was very well received and everyone took away at least one nugget to begin to apply immediately. He had an engaging and highly interactive program with props and handouts – 3 1/2 hours.  Dick Sanger  Group Chair CE 4678- Vistage International 

Scott has been well received by my CE and KEY Groups on Long Island.  Focus on What Matters has helped my groups to get back to the simple basics of doing the things that grow their business. Actually filling out the Weekly Routine Calendar exercise was exactly what I wanted for my groups.  Scott was good at helping them Identify their top roles and what they should be doing.  Hal Cherney  Master Chair  Vistage International

I appreciate the work you have done with me over the past six weeks.  I am sure it is not easy being as patient as you are working with business professionals.  You have done a great job helping me sharpen up and focus.  Your simple techniques have allowed me to re-examine my priorities and surpass my previous production goals.  It is refreshing to discuss challenges with someone from outside ones industry to a different perspective.  Thank you,  Doug Hartman – Senior Partner New York Life Insurance Company

Thank you again for bringing the most pertinent ideas and methods to us through your Time Management seminar.  The two most effective ideas I have applied so far is the idea of categorizing my tasks, then executing in a prioritized, time-blocked fashion. While I admit I need to work on applying these concepts more regularly, I am still getting more out of my day when I organize my schedule this way.  I access a virtual timer site and set a 50 minute work session so I can focus on my tasks at hand without the distraction of looking at a clock

“We invited Scott to our office to share his Time Management concepts with us in a way that is applicable to us as real estate professionals. He brought a high level of energy and a well packaged program that allowed me to apply concepts immediately. I have already seen a great deal of improvement in my productivity and that is just with the basic idea of categorizing tasks according to key responsibilities. Thank you Scott.”

George Mora – Goldwassser Real Estate

Working with Scott Carley has not only changed my business life but my personal life as well. This is truly the first time I have felt that I have a balance in my life. It has taken me 70 years to reach this point. I have never before felt so full of life, organized, energetic and fulfilled.

If I were to think of 3 of the most important things I have learned they would be:

  • Planning my business week on Sunday afternoon or evening.
  • Setting priorities on a regular basis. When the most essential things are taken care I can then feel free to do other things without feeling guilty.
  • Working with Scott long enough to form good habits, so that it all feels quite natural.

Peggy Brubeck

Thank you so much for making a difference in my Mary Kay business and life in general. I can truly say that your coaching has made me realize that I can be in control of time and time is NOT in control of me! I now know how to prioritize and say NO to some things I need to say no to! And I can’t thank you enough for showing me how important it is to stay on track and on task. My holiday sales were out of the roof because of this one principle. Can somebody get excited about $3000 in sales for my 08 Christmas baskets in one week? Again, thank you so much and I will see you at the top

Kesia Webb-Daily – Mary Kay Cadillac Sr. Sales Director

Thank you so much for helping me get control of the time mustang in my business! After the 1st lesson, I finished my “to do list” on Friday for the first time in over 6 months! I look forward to what else you have in store for me!

Kim Wendland – True Presence

Before Scott Carley’s intervention, our sales team was off track – we were on different pages regarding our sales responsibilities! Scott came in for a session of Taming The Mustang and opened our eyes to time management. He recognized that we were spending 2 hours per day on non productive administrative work. Scott recommended that we spend these 2 hours on selling, rather than paperwork. Since Scott’s workshop, our sales have jumped 50%!

Lindsey Quiring – Account Executive – 1-800-PACK-RAT

Coach Carley has made an amazing impact on my business and more importantly, my productivity. I have generated more activity and have more results in my first four weeks with him (which included Thursday & Friday off for Thanksgiving) than I did in over four months this summer…literally. I had hit a wall and found myself very busy all day but accomplishing nothing. I’d love to share a percentage increase in my sales but how what percentage do apply to going from $0 in four months to generating $60,000 in new business in four weeks?

Although Scott brings a ton of expertise and knowledge to the table, it was the fact that he ‘listened’ to what my needs were that I appreciate the most. He didn’t come in with a blanket solution. He tailored his coaching to what I needed specifically and the results speak for themselves. Thanks for everything, Coach, and I’m looking forward to 2007 being my best year ever!

Ken Kuznia -Point Blank Recruiting

Scott – I  just wanted to let you know that coaching calls that we have every week already have a great result! After only 4 weeks of having you as a time management coach my commission check almost tripled! Before I met you I felt like I was overwhelmed every day and it was hard to focus on the really important things. Thanks to you I have a focus and clear goals now. I highly recommend your services to anybody who wants to increase their efficiency and income.

Olga Pechnenko- Business Development Manager, Petrochemical Industry  – McElroy Translation

I asked Scott Carley to help us with our time management two years ago. Our goals were simply to:

  • Control our schedules and not let them control us
  • Make every minute at work quality time instead of working more hours inefficiently
  • Have a real work/home life balance.

Scott’s initial course and continued mentoring have help us achieve all of these goals over the past two years and our new time management habits have been key in growing our practice and exceeding our business and personal goals.”

Eric Ross; CEP, CRPC – Advanced Financial Adviser – Ameriprise Financial

NICHE Referral Networking


I first met Scott Carley at my BNI group and immediately knew that I wanted to have him come speak to my sales staff.  I had a lot of new agents and the one thing they needed was to speak about what they do so people didn’t run in the other direction. My agents were timid and scared and usually didn’t know how to say what they did.  With Scott’s training, I saw them transform from meek and mild agents to powerful and attention getting Realtors.  With the group-work that Scott did with us, my agents learn something invaluable – and so did I! The topic was Niche Marketing. By the end of our time together we had learned our 30 and 60 second sizzles as well as how to network a room.  I loved the idea of teaming up and having your partner work the room and find that particular lead you are looking for.  I took that idea and partnered up with some of my friends in other industries and we’ve been able to generate new leads because are speaking about someone else! Love it!

Melissa Elizondo – Key Realty

Scott Carley changed my paradigm on networking.  I used to think networking meant evening mixers with other professionals. Scott Carley made me realize they’re many different places to network.  He’s effective in dissecting the products your represent and helping you convey them in a concise 30 to 60 second intro you can use anywhere.  Many of us know our company’s products and services well enough to conduct an effective business meeting, Scott can help you get more people to those meetings without making you look like a salesman with “commission breath.”  I would recommend Scott for any organization that needs their sales people to meet a lot of people to stay successful. Scott’s class has helped me to be a better networker, which in turn has increased my sales.

Trey Hertel, CLTC Next Page Financial

I first met Scott in Dallas in January where he was a co-presenter with Chad Goldwasser. He only spoke for about 15-20 minutes, but his “30 Second Sizzle” was very powerful and one of my big a-ha’s for the event.  In his Fast Start Networking, we learned many different things including: time management, body language, generating referrals, niche marketing and more. But probably the most valuable tool for me was that we crafted our own 30 second sizzle during the course. Rather than introducing myself at networking events as Hi my name is Andrew Smith, Team Leader of Keller Williams Conroe, Scott taught us how to create a powerful 30 second sizzle introduction that I can use to stand out from the crowd.

Andrew Smith, Keller Williams Team Leader

My time management coach Scott Carley helped me time block my time so that I could accomplish more in that last year than ever before. I am not only closing a million a month in this economy but was able to author a nationally published book all while having our 3rd child.   I highly recommend his courses and personally endorse his character and content.

Kenn Renner – Keller Williams Leading Team Agent

Good Day Coach Carley!  We truly enjoy having you as our coach.  You motivate, challenge and inspire us!

GayLynn CummingBranch Sales Manager, Mortgage – Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

I just visited the Georgetown BNI meeting. It was a gas!  I was told to bring a 60 second ladder speech, which I assumed, correctly, it was my 60 second intro. Thanks to you, I kicked butt!! I took 58 seconds, name in twice, company twice, told my specialty, told my story, and told my ideal referral. When completed, the guy timing said, “Now THAT’S a visitor!”  Very cool! Thanks!

Mike O’Neal – The Money Coach

“Scott…my team is discouraged and worn out!  It’s been a TOUGH 8 or 9 months.  Today was an amazing breath of fresh air!  We feel energized and equipped with tools we can use to get people in our pipeline and deals closed!”

Melony Crawford – Branch Manager – Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

I highly enjoyed the Fast Start class.  I learned so much during our session in regards to a 6 point vs. 10 sec introduction, how to leverage myself at events like happy hour, my impact of body language, always be a “host” and calculating goals.  This is not an exhaustive list of what I took away, but just some of the tools that will have a immediate definitive impact on my networking.

Andrea Gowan – Hay Compere PLLC

NICHE Networking has brought approximately $150,000.00 in new loans in 6 months, and brought in exactly 17 new deposit accounts.  These numbers do not count any new accounts that were opened by other Amplify personnel if I happened to be out of the office or away on vacation.

Zac Jones – Relationship Development Specialist – AMPLIFY

I was frustrated going to Association meetings, mixers and networking events feeling like I was spinning my wheels and getting no results.  Then I invested into Scott Carley’s NICHE Networking classes.  Once I completed the course, I was prepared with the tools I needed to make a productive experience in all the networking activities I chose to attend.  It was incredible!  My confidence is higher and the results are obvious.  Referrals are up 200% and follow-up is up 90%.  I really wish I would have had those tools and knowledge 22 years ago when I started my insurance agency.  Happy Prospecting!

Rick Villarreal – State Farm Insurance

Scott, Thank you so much for developing the NICHE Training class.  It has given me direction, confidence, and skill sets that I did not have before.  I now have a clear understanding of what I need to do to stand out from the crowd.  I have the tools I need to be better at what I do and to make a difference in my industry.  I now know how to accomplish my goals in a more decisive way and to be more dynamic in my presentation.

My personal production has increase by 40% and I am talking to more people and opening more new accounts.  I was number one sales person out of all the Amplify locations in 2008 for new accounts!  Our CEO was very impressed that my production has increased this much over last year.

Gerald W. Brawley – Amplify Credit Union

Thank you Scott for the NICHE Network Marketing Class.  I’ve always enjoyed helping women, in particular, to find and close on their dream home.  Your class taught me how and where to market to those ladies who have a Champaign taste with a beer budget!  I’ve always been afraid to speak at a public meeting, but your class gave me confidence and a genuine sense of expertise!  It really is true that now clients seek me out after a networking event!

Felica Morrison – Realty World John Horton

I have very much enjoyed my coaching sessions with Scott Carley of Growth Dynamics Consulting. I have been a general practitioner in the Securities and Insurance industry for over 10 years. Prior to meeting with Scott I did not have a particular area of expertise that I focused on. By running through simple, easy fill-in forms that Scott provided I was not only able to find my “NICHE” but Scott was also able assist me in creating a 60 Second Sizzle. I can now use my 60 Second Sizzle to powerfully communicate who I am, what I offer and the great benefit that I offer my target market. Now that I have targeted “the” product and “the” market my confidence has been raised to a whole new level.

Timothy Schunk – Financial Strategist – World Group Securities, Inc

Thank you so much for taking time to teach the workshop. I’ve been licensed since Sept of 2005 and have gone to a $2.5 million dollar production level with 23 transactions this year alone. Even with this great year I’m having, I’ve always felt I was missing something. Your workshop has given me light and comfort knowing that I can narrow my profession down to a specialty and no longer feel like the “Jane of all trades”. Thank you!

Mary Ann C. Cramer – Realty World John Horton

I am always looking for ways to educate myself and enhance production. I didn’t really have any idea what he could do for me, but in my first session with Scott, he helped me create an immediate distinction in what I emphasized in my business. There are tons of things I sell but now I have focused on a few in particular that set me apart from the crowd of other insurance agents. WOW! It was so simple but powerful.

Brandy Lachney – State Farm Insurance