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Your Vision has Flat Lined

Circuit City, Blockbuster and Radio Shack failed when their team shelf-life expired.  They had a vision “flat-line”! Their vision battery went dead.

This failed vision energy can tear down your team. That compounds frustration, stress and infighting that zaps team energy. Projects and production stall or fail.

The Good News

The good news is – it’s not your fault! This is actually the natural life-cycle of an amazing team. All Teams have a shelf life. They have an “Amazing Advantage” expiration time stamp.

All remarkable teams require a “Change Energizer”.

When the proverbial production engine sputters, it’s a sign your team needs the “Change Energizer” – Scott Carley – to get your them back on track for the next level of amazing success!

BNI was flat-lining

The Central Texas region for BNI had lost their visionary leadership and was stalling. Chapter numbers were down. Referrals were off and revenue was falling.  Morale was low. Middle management had turned into finger pointing “policy policemen” and members were bailing. The Amazing Advantage meter was the lowest ever.

Over the next 24 months, we added new leaders, chapter starters and trainers to our team. Together we cast vision for the Central Texas Region numerically, financially and in chapter growth.

As a result, chapter starts went back up with record breaking numbers, Visitor Showcase events had huge closing ratios and it put Austin on the map Internationally to the top 2% world wide in growth, retention and referral revenue.

An Energized Vision attracts the right people like a magnet attracts steel!

An Energized Vision is the major catalyst for building your Amazing Corporate Team! People follow a leader, but they will sacrifice for a Visionary!

An Executive Retreat will get the answers to these questions

* What is your 5 Year Bucket List for your company?
* What innovations are going to get you there?
* Why would anyone want to make the journey with you?

If your company is not buzzing and your team meetings are not knocking your socks off, you need to Energize Your Vision.

If you cannot put your finger on an active ingredient that sparks with MOJO, it’s time to Energize your team.

Quarterly half day retreat to keep your vision and your processes energized.

Annual 1 or 2 day retreat to FOCUS on Vision, Priorities, Energizing Teamwork and Leadership Skills as a cohesive leadership team.

Regular Executive Retreats are Stephen Covey’s business solution to “Sharpening the Saw” to keep you competitive.

Seriously… do you think you’re going to beat out your competition with a dull, flat, expired team?

Contact me and let’s customize your next Executive Retreat and get it BUZZING!

Scott Carley – The Change Energizer

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