ENERGIZE Fractured Teams from Broken Trust

Do you ever feel like your team is fractured, suspicious and uncooperative?

Is everyone walking on eggshells around a huge elephant in the room?


What would happen if they were able to address the real issues and get everyone back on board!

When teamwork is remarkable, the flow of productivity is quick, the atmosphere is vivacious and the return is extraordinary!  But when teamwork is fractured or broken, the flow of productivity crumbles, the atmosphere is tense and the return is marginal.

Remarkable Trust Video

Meet Drama Queen Darla, Dishonest Dan, Soapbox Sam, Missing Martha, Critical Cal and Has Been Henrietta. And imagine what it would be like to have a Miley Cyrus or Charlie Sheen on your team!

“It’s rare to find a speaker who connects with the entire team but Scott did exactly this! Our leadership team had positive comments and reviews from Scott’s energetic and moving presentation. He provided a burst of fresh air and re-energized the way our team feels about teamwork!”  Michael Manning – President at Rocksauce Studios

FINALLY there are simple but powerful steps to radically repair and foster genuine trusted relationships at work and at home. Scott will illustrate the four core competencies of Trust: Intent, Integrity, Capabilities and Results.

Then using work-life scenarios, he teaches a combination of Trust Behaviors to restore the teams credit score. Finally you have a solution!

Full and Half Day Sessions Include:
  • Remarkable Trust Assessment
  • The Five Fractures of Teamwork
  • Your Trust Credit Score
  • How to Behave Yourself OUT of Trouble
  • Role-Play Activities & Group Collaboration

(Individual Coaching Sessions available)

Issue Collage

Member Takeaways

Members will finally have a way to methodically create vivacious trust among their teams. They will be able to identify where and why trust is fractured in the relationship and how to choose the combination of Trust Behaviors needed to repair the situation. Results will be a workplace with remarkable teamwork and accomplishments.

Scott used Remarkable Teamwork to lead his BNI Regional Team to the top 2% internationally in growth, retention and referral revenue ($36 million annually).  The phenomenal mutual commitment of his key leaders led to the most explosive, consistent record-breaking growth in the regions history!

Scott’s energetic and approachable mannerism will put your team at ease and creates a willingness to participate.  He will pull answers from members who have hit a mental block!  The group discussion, questions and worksheets are an integral part of his presentation.

What would happen if your team was able to Forge Remarkable Trust?

You should find out!  Remarkable Teamwork Assessment
Scott Carley
NSA/VISTAGE Speaker and Executive Coach
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