Office Hours – Family Hours – Focus

Off The Clock Date Night – Focus

Entrepreneurs rarely have “office hours.” Instead, they work “as needed” throughout the day and evening and night.  And it takes a HUGE toll on their families.  Most of the time it goes unnoticed until it’s too late.  Recharge time is vital for everyone in business…. and in your family!  Lesson: Have OFFICE hours.  Have FAMILY hours.  NO APOLOGIES.



Thank you for everything that you are doing to help us become better networkers and share out business’s with others.  You have made a huge difference in our lives personally and professionally.  You have no idea how much our time yesterday blessed my marriage.   Don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful marriage and amazing husband who is my best friend, my doctor, coach and cheerleader..  .

A few words you said to my husband personally changed some things in his mind.  He and I go out to dinner and he is always talking business.  He doesn’t even realize he is doing it. It’s a habit and it has been a desire in my heart  to be changed.  You said something yesterday to him and last night we went to the Grove in Lake Way on a date, a real date! We had some wine and he did not talk about business and  I noticed it right away.  Blakes focus was us, me and our marriage.  I am crying right now because It meant so much to me.  I shared that with him too.  He said he knows and it’s also important to him too.  He said that you said some things to him to help him see that he needs to take a break and get away from work.  ( I don’t know exactly what you said)  God used you to speak to him about work and also about the importance of spending quality time with me and not talking about business.  Blake was pretty burnt out from work I do know that but for him to not talk about work/business and focus on me and our marriage is huge and an answer to a deep desire in my heart.

There are no words that I can say how much that means me to.  We ate dinner and laughed and talked about our marriage and encouraged each other in our marriage and I felt like we were on a real date.. like getting to know each other again.  Today Blake said he felt the same way.  We had a wonderful and memorable time that last night.  I even wrote in my journal about it.  Big deal!  I don’t journal about small stuff.

I told Blake that I can see a difference is his thinking when he spends time with you.  You help bring a side out of both of us that we have not been able to do on our own. Especially me.  I think it would be good for Blake to talk with you one on one.  So let’s talk about that.  You know God has his ways and we have ours.. if we had not had that one on one meeting personally with us this would never have happened.  Because you were able to focus on Blake it did happen.

God bless you and all you are doing.  I thank God for that time and for putting you in our path.   I wanted to share this with you as my brother in Christ,  friend and coach.  I think it’s important to encourage others and I know this would bless you.

Love and Blessings,


~ Get ON the clock and WORK.

~ Get OFF the clock and ENJOY your family.


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