Small Business Owners: Get Focused

As a small business owner, do you frequently find yourself in the position of “chief cook and bottle washer?” It’s all too easy to get caught up in the thousand decisions that seem to cry out for your attention every day — and in your effort to do everything at once, you end up achieving nothing. It’s also easy for business owners to let their career endeavors completely overwhelm their rest of their lives, leaving no room for relaxation or family enjoyment. You may even be directing a lot of your energies toward the wrong crowd, or wasting time attending events where you fail to command the floor or build the strategic relationships so necessary to business success. Now’s the time to make an important investment in that success — through the coaching and programs offered by Growth Dynamic.

$100,000 Additional Revenue in One Year!

Learn how to organize your life and work, build for the future and put your best foot forward as a business owner, all from programs masterminded by veteran success coach Scott Carley. Commanding Your Daily Routine teaches you how to make your schedule work for you, and not vice versa, and how to create and achieve goal after goal for your company. NICHE Referrals’ courses and presentations share the secrets of smart, goal-oriented networking, from delivering that perfect “elevator speech” to pinpointing and capturing your ideal target audience. Work smarter, less stressfully and more profitably — contact Growth Dynamic today!

LOCAL Training Options (Austin & San Antonio)

  1. Bi-Weekly meetings (2 hours)
  2. Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  3. Reading assignments and conference calls
  4. Interactive networking
  5. Memorized presentations
  6. Real-life construction of a working strategic alliance
  7. Development of tier-one, tier-two and tier-three referral relationships
  8. Supervised weekly networking

NATIONAL Training options

  1. 1 or 2 Day Workshop onsite (14 modules)
  2. Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  3. Unlimited 6 month access to online audio training
  4. Introduction to a local BNI Chapter

One on One individual Coaching

  1. Weekly or bi-Weekly 60 minute call
  2. Tag-in accountability calls
  3. Unlimited 6 month access to online audio training
  4. Introduction to a local BNI Chapter
  5. Reading assignments and Pod-cast
  6. Networking exposure goal accountability

Ready to turn your business “up to 11?” Then contact Growth Dynamic today for details and group pricing. Let our skilled trainers help you find your NICHE, Command your Daily Routine and mine it for all it’s worth!