Financial Advisor: Who Needs You?

Top two challenges Advisors face:

The Senior Managing Partner in a one of the top 5 Life Insurance and Financial Benefits company shared a survey.  It outlined the principle problems agents were having in their business.

  • 2%  Approach
  • 5%  Presentation
  • 8%  Closing
  • 39%  Prospecting
  • 45%  Time Control and Personal Efficiency

1. Time Control and Personal Efficiency

As a financial advisor, you’re in the business of helping people in all walks of life manage their money wisely. But as all of us in the business world understand, time is money. Are you managing your time in a way that maximizes your productivity and profitability? Do you feel overwhelmed by your workload — or are you sitting around wondering why you’re not busier?

2. Lead Generation and Prospecting – Who Needs You?

Just as investors can experience flat (or worse) results from building the wrong portfolio for their needs, many professionals are courting the wrong target market, or no specific target market at all. And when they do get in front of the right group of people, they often don’t know how to make a striking first impression.

WHAT IS THE ANSWER: NICHE Referral Training / Coaching

Let master business coach Scott Carley’s master trainers show you how you can turn a struggling financial career into a veritable treasure trove, not through tricks or gimmicks, but through solid education and action plans that can put your business on a strong new foundation. Learn the tools of time management and goal setting, a powerful double-whammy for getting results, in Commanding Your Daily Routine. Learn how to define your target market, deliver a knockout self-introduction to them, and build lucrative strategic alliances in NICHE Referrals. Contact Growth Dynamic today and make a smart investment in your future!

NATIONAL Financial Advisor Training options

  1. 1/2, 1 & 2 Day Workshops onsite (14 modules)
  2. Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  3. Unlimited 6 month access to online audio training
  4. Reading assignments and Pod-cast
  5. Interactive networking assignments
  6. Networking exposure goal accountability

One on One individual Coaching

  1. Weekly or bi-Weekly 60 minute call
  2. Tag-in accountability calls
  3. Unlimited 6 month access to online audio training
  4. Reading assignments and Pod-cast
  5. Networking exposure goal accountability