Church Growth: Structure & Goal Setting

Did you know that many of the challenges faced by all sorts of businesses can also impair church growth and development? If your church is dealing with organizational, leadership, department goal setting or growth-related issues, then you may have encountered some of these specific obstacles to success already. For instance, poor management of a church’s already limited administrative time can cause no end of confusion and distract your organization from its true mission. A leadership that’s pulling in several different directions at once instead of pursuing clear, coherent goals is likely to go nowhere fast. And if you don’t have a system and the skills for getting the word out and talking to specific segments of the population who need you most, you may never build your congregation to the size and vitality you seek. Fortunately, you have a kindred spirit who’s ready to help your church not only survive but thrive — Scott Carley and his team at Growth Dynamic.

Scott’s two decades of experience as an independent Church Growth Consultant have given him unique insights into the problems so many churches face on the organizational and managerial levels, and he has developed powerful programs to help solve those problems. Commanding Your Daily Routine, for instance, focuses on time management issues (those “time thieves” that seem to steal so much of your workday) while teaching practical methods of time blocking and goal building to help your church get where it needs to go. NICHE Referrals helps you better understand how to present your church to the public through networking and relationship building. So contact us today to learn more — and get ready to sing “Hallelujah!”

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