F. F. F. – The Big Three Moral Dilemma

This is about priorities.  It’s about putting first the things that are most important.

Time Management Key 6

Faith, Family and Fortune

When you block time for your faith and assign time for your family…. then you can shamelessly pursue your fortune without fear of guilt or consequence.

FFF . The Big Three Priorities

FFF . The Big Three Priorities

Torn; Family vs Work vs Faith

Guilt from a sense of neglect is a terrible feeling.  When I first started coaching, an amazing number of clients opened up in the initial session.  They were adamant that their quiet time, devotion and family were really important to them but were getting diluted or set aside by work demands.  At the same time….many were passionate about their work, projects or the demands of a new position or career.  They wanted me to help them establish time for those two things as a top priority in addition to their work and career.  This week when I spoke for DHI Mortgage Home Buyers Club at their national training, it was welcomed information there too!

Here is the key; You always have time for the things you put first.

 1. Faith / Quiet Time / Devotion

So block time for your faith, your devotion, quiet time, bible reading or however you describe it!  Make an appointment out of it and set your alarm to meet up with yourself and God!  Your faith and devotion often serves as the most significant moral compass that guides your decisions.  When we question our future and the decisions that shape minor and major changes…we often go back to our faith or a rock of philosophy that we esteem.

2. Family / Spouse / Kids / Parents

Block time for your family.  That could be breakfast, lunch or dinner three times a week.  It could be dinner and TV in the evenings, working the garden on Saturday and a couple of evenings during the week.  It can be bowling night, card night or date night.  Family might be bedtime stories, taking the kids to school or picking them up.  For one client, it was a morning walk every day at 7:30am before they started their self employed business day.  Or it might be a run together right after work or in the evening.

3. Fortune / Career / Professional Project

Then shamelessly pursue your fortune.  That’s right: Once you block time for your faith and you assign time for your family then you can shamelessly pursue your fortune without guilt or consequence because you have taken care of the two most important things in your life.  Work 40, 50, 60 or 70 hours a week and never look back….as long as you are setting mutually agreed upon time to care for your faith and family!

It’s all about choices…made with the right priorities.  And it’s about MAKING the choice…not the choice being made FOR us!

I have a deep moral commitment in helping professionals not sacrifice their families over their careers!  NOBODY ever went to their grave saying, “Gawd..I wish I had spent more time at the office!”  Time Management Assessment

Scott Carley

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  1. Danny SmithJune 2, 2013 at 3:14 pm #

    Good “F’s” Scott.

    Your post reminded me of Doreen Moore’s book “Good Christians, Good Husbands? Leaving a Legacy in Marriage and Ministry”

    Again, good stuff. Thanks

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