Clarity = Focus on What Matters

It’s Monday afternoon.  Chuck has been busy all day working on STUFF.  His desk is scattered with several folders and his email is blinking at him.  There are 5 voice messages on his phone.  BEEP and another calendar reminds him of an appointment tomorrow.  There is a regional meeting on Friday but Chuck isn’t sure if he is just the MC or if he has a presentation slot!

He screams: OMG WHAT SHOULD I WORK ON NEXT!  It’s all important and pressing but…. muddy!

Clarity = Focus on What Matters

Having unusual clarity about your roles, responsibilities, expectations and priorities is the heart of being productive!

Nothing is more important than:

1. Having clarity about WHAT needs to be done.

2. The ORDER of priority

3. Making an APPOINTMENT with yourself to get it done!

Written Clarity

So when was the last time you did just exactly that?  When was the last time you put on paper your Top 4 Primary Responsibilities?  In other words, the thing that you were directly hired to perform or that bring in revenue.  These are the roles that only you can play for the company.

Next, your top 4 Secondary Responsibilities.  These aren’t your top time demands, but they are a big part of what you do.  They have significant INDIRECT impact on your Primary Roles.

Finally your Ongoing Responsibilities.   These are the mundane, administration activities that have to be done but don’t have a bottom-line impact.  Reports, files etc.

Take time RIGHT NOW to get clarity on your roles, their level of priority and make an appointment with yourself on your weekly routine.  Then… take it to your upline and get them to validate and verify you are on the mark!

Weekly Routine wTasks

The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing!

I hired Scott to get me out of the sewer and back to the basics. I needed help with Time Management BECAUSE TIME IS FREAKING MONEY AND I WANT TO GO TO DUBLIN! He helped me focus on what I need to be doing to achieve my goals… simple simple stuff. He’s really good and educating me and helping me understand WHY he wants me to do what he does. Last week we actually started a transition from Time Management to Niche Networking and Referrals. I’m excited!   Warren Amyett – Horace Mann Insurance

Scott Carley

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