RJ’s EMERGENCY Response Short List

If part of your job description is “putting out fires”, you need an Emergency Response Protocol that’s more involved than just dropping what you’re doing and rushing off to the fire! Putting out fires is among the top 5 productivity distractions falling behind email and phone calls…so let’s make sure it’s a real priority and […]

Major Breakthrough Wanted! Goals

“I need a major breakthrough!” I hear that a lot… especially this time of the year.  People are reflecting and often they are not feeling confident about last year! Maybe that’s what the voice inside your head is saying too!  Nagging at you for some significant “something” that you can point to as your “breakthrough” […]

90 Day Wonder – Priority Management Coaching

Focus on what matters and get control of your distractions 90-Day Wonder is a special coaching curriculum designed by Scott Carley that puts members back into the driver’s seat of their professional and personal life….in 90 Days. They’ll learn the Power of Focus by getting unusual clarity on their primary, secondary and ongoing roles and […]

NICHE Referral Certification

                 How much professional training have you received on Referral Networking? Did you know that 7 out of 10 outside sales professionals have NO training on networking an event, elevator pitches or strategic alliances. Less than 15% have a follow up system for cultivating referral partners. They are “winging” a […]

Jack of all Trades – Go Home!

What is the first question you ask when looking for a restaurant?  “What are you hungry for?”  Do you want Italian, Tex-Mex, Seafood, Steaks, Vegan, Indian, French, BBQ, German?  We naturally go after a specialization!  We have specific taste and wants.  Our taste buds are categorized and we envision something in particular.  AND… we immediately […]