Why Do I Need an Executive Retreat – Vision – Cliffs Notes

Your Vision has Flat Lined Circuit City, Blockbuster and Radio Shack failed when their team shelf-life expired.  They had a vision “flat-line”! Their vision battery went dead. This failed vision energy can tear down your team. That compounds frustration, stress and infighting that zaps team energy. Projects and production stall or fail. The Good News […]

7 Questions to Reboot Focus

Have you ever had a “bad weather day” or a short week that put a huge wrinkle into your plans?  Or maybe you got back from vacation and all your good efficiency habits melted away while you were relaxing on the beach!  Here’s what Tim did! Weekly Routine                         Task List 7 Questions to Reboot Your […]

Network Like a Professional

FAST START Networking Four Networking Lessons for Austin’s Small Business Festival 7 out of 10 sales professionals have no formal training on networking and prospecting. By the end of Scott’s four networking videos, you will have the confidence and powerful tools to start making connections and getting referrals.  WAIT… You may already be a Pro-Networker […]