Achievements – 1/5 Types of Goals

18wheelerGoal setting is a powerful tool that the most successful people in the world have learned to harness.  With it, they have been able to move themselves, their business, family and even countries into amazing accomplishments.  Over the years, they have learned some of the tactical secrets of what makes it amazing.   I’m going to share that with you.  The better you understand how goal setting is processed, the greater results you will get from it.

Over the next several blogs, I’m going to answer some questions you’ve been asking about Goals!

Why do we set goals?
What’s the difference between long term and short run goals?
5 Different Types of Goals
9 Categories of Goals
Goal Action Items

Five Types of Goals

  • A=Achievements-Something heroic or of significant consequence like getting a certification or promotion
  • D=Disciplines– Gaining self control over a behavior like working out, time management or follow through with responsibilities
  • Q=Quotas – Systematic measurable goals like sales, products sold or projects completed
  • B=Bucket Lists – Significant “want to” activities or purchases but NOT required.
  • I = Interests You are not serious enough to make a sacrifice / pay a price. Scratch it off your list

You’ve probably recognized that all goals are not the same. Goals are better understood when you recognize what TYPE of goal you are trying to achieve.

They are like vehicles; the type of activity you want to pursue determines the type of vehicle you choose.  So if you are planning a rugged trip out in the desert or up a mountain; you want an SUV.  If you are planning a family vacations road trip; you might want a van or an RV.  If you are hauling produce from your farm to market; a pickup or 18 wheeler.

Depending on they type of trip you want you goals to take you on helps identify one of five types of goal vehicles.


Achievements are something heroic or of significant consequence.  Achievements are BIG!  They are noteworthy.  Typically they have a huge impact.  An achievement is usually a long road-trip with many checkpoints along the way.  When you set an achievement goal, you are talking about the 18 wheeler of goal vehicles.

It has several big moving parts

You don’t just jump in an 18 wheeler and run to the corner store. So with Achievement Goals, there are several moving parts you have to pull together to make it happen.  By example, for a financial advisor, a Series 6 licensing requires months of intensive study, classroom education, online research, test, background checks and financial scrutiny.  They have a huge learning curve on financial calculations, products and codes. It’s built on the foundation of years of experience and preliminary education.  It’s a big accomplishment to have studied and been approved for a Series 6 licensing.

It needs capacity

Room to carry all your goods and services and intentions. Achievement must be structured and engineered with big tires and extra suspension to support your load.

It needs to be able to endure long journeys.  Most long haul 18 wheelers have sleeper cabins because the distance they travel take longer than 10 or 12 hours.  It’s not a quick trip down the street.

It needs additional fuel

An achievement goal need a big fuel tank….because it typically requires a lot of fuel consumption. Large capacity long-hauling trucks carry 100 gallons or more of fuel.  They know their big rigs eat up the diesel. They plan for refuel stops along their journey.

Achievements are big moves

  • Strategic course changes
  • Additions to your operations
  • Changing Careers
  • Starting a business
  • Getting an LLC
  • Adding a new location
  • Adding a business partner
  • Adding staff
  • Launching a new product or product line
  • Adding a certification to your profession
  • Going back to school for a Masters or PhD
  • Going after a new target market
  • Going national or international

Since Achievements require such a high level of coordination of many moving parts and energy, one should not load their goals sheet up with too many!

What ONE BIG thing are you planning in the next year!  Get it on your goal sheet!

Scott Carley

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