7 Questions to Reboot Focus

VacaCalHave you ever had a “bad weather day” or a short week that put a huge wrinkle into your plans?  Or maybe you got back from vacation and all your good efficiency habits melted away while you were relaxing on the beach!  Here’s what Tim did!

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7 Questions to Reboot Your Focus

1. What are your goals?

Clarify your focus.  The first thing to remind yourself about are your goals.  What is your destination?  Where are you going with goals, quotas, achievements, projects or disciplines.  Refocus the big picture.

After a big family vacation to Orlando, Tim was well rested but completely disconnected.  So the first order of events once he was back in his leather chair…. “What are my goals and where do I need to focus my energy?” This gives him a sense of focus and clear direction, not to mention motivation!

2. What is clear / cloudy about what needs to be done?

So what will be Tim’s first move?  It’s normal for us to first focus on issues, blinking red lights or stalled projects that we need to get moving. DON’T!  Instead deal with what is CLEAR FIRST. By focusing on what is clear first, you get some balls rolling and projects moving.  This  gives you psychological momentum.  Newtons Law of Physics; Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, Objects at rest tend to stay at rest.  You are no longer stalled.. but moving.  Once you get some things going forward, then go back and address what is cloudy. Now you have momentum and can roll through some of those stalled or blocked issues.

3. Where is it attached to your calendar?

Make an appointment to work on your priorities or goals!  If it’s on your calendar, blocked off as important and color coded, it’s 70% more likely to get done.  You’ve “made a place” for it and the result will be success.  Just remember… there is no such thing as “spare time”.  Plan your work and then work your plan.  Tim has some scheduling to do with himself and his staff!

4. What is your action plan?

Get out a pencil and start writing. Make a 1, 2, 3 action plan. Once you decide what needs to be done first, then second, third and so on, you have a plan.  Think about how you are going to manage execution.  Leverage other so you can delegate or include others in the process.  Action Plan Tool  Tim sets the agenda for his weekly staff meeting.  He will want to know THEIR action plan as it pertains to their goals.  That’s his job.

5. What can you do ahead of schedule?

Look down the week and see where you can do something to put you ahead of schedule. It gives you margin and puts you back in control.  Get into that second time quadrant of not pressing but necessary.  In Tim’s conference room the approaching 3 months are always in full view with projects listed and color coded. He has taught his staff how important it is to look into the next couple of months and work on upcoming events early.  He likes being ahead of schedule.

6. Have you set a deadline for what you are procrastinating?

Procrastination fosters guilt… and that always muddies the waters. Pick something you have been procrastinating and START on it. You don’t have to complete it, but you do need to start on it.  Now you are no longer procrastinating!

7. What is the most productive thing I can do today?

If Tim is a cheerleader, this is the yell heard from him most!  This is HUGE! Say it to yourself and your staff often. Review your landscape of priorities and projects and refocus on the ones that will make you most productive. This is a question you should answer several times a day!

Priority Efficiency Assessment

So if those seven questions are not enough to get you back on track, you may want to explore the 90 Day Wonder!

Ok… Tim is back to work and feeling really good about it!

Scott Carley

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